Smart Office


A Smart Office is a workspace that understands and embraces new standards of a more agile and interconnected workforce. It’s not rocket-science – just innovative thinking and new technology tailored to fit your people’s needs.

Why you need a SMART OFFICE?

A Smart Office is designed with one thing in mind: To release the full potential of your workforce. A Smart Office is an attractive, functional and ergonomic workplace, which increases employee satisfaction and performance.

Our Smart devices are loaded with possibilities to help you optimize space, save cost and release the full potential of your staff.


Increase attraction, efficiency, production. and sustainability. At an affordable cost.

The world has gone digital, which means new ways of working and new requirements on workspaces. AGT offers the expertise and affordable solutions required to meet the new standard and new needs of the modern you.

Release the full potential of your workforce

Affordable SMART devices are now available to you from Avant-garde technology. Some of our smart solutions for a smart office:

Pick a bundle that suits your need:

From security, lighting, home entertainment, heat sensors and energy saving gadgets. We've got them all. Click the button below to view bundles.

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