Voice Command

An easier, faster, and more convenient way to operate and control your smart home including lights, shades, HVAC, door locks and so on.

Certain situations occurs all the time wet hands, full arms, juggling five things at once, or just in the middle of something else when the doorbell rings, you need more light, or you’d like to change the channel on the TV or switch to a new song. Of course, you could stop what you’re doing, wipe your hands, put things down, or otherwise free yourself up to get to the various controls or take out your phone and use the app.

But, wouldn’t it be easier, faster, and more convenient to just tell your home to handle the task and have it carry out your wishes? Fortunately, there are a wide variety of voicecontrollable devices interactive voice assistants and smart speakers from Apple, Amazon, and Google, controlling your home while being completely handsfree is not just possible but really, quite enjoyable and convenient.

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