Green Efficiency

There are many ways to save cost on running a home. One sure way is keeping your energy consumption low, and there’s no better way to do this than using smart sensors. Energy saving is smart.

Sensors are an essential part of a smart home system mainly due to their use cases for triggering security events such as surveillance camera recording and alarms. However, they can equally be utilized for automating devices and scenes which offer many benefits including energy saving, comfort and convenience. For example, motion and/or light sensors can trigger turning lights on/off, temperature sensor can manage the status air conditioners, water sensors can control the opening/closing of valves and so on.

The full range of sensors we offer include motion/occupancy, light/luminance, water/moisture, temperature, humidity, glass break, smoke/carbon monoxide, gas leak and door or window open/close. We often utilize multi-sensor devices as against single sensors in favor of cost, simplicity and form factor.

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