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High quality 4K/UHD video content at 60hz can be distributed over a distance of up to 100 meters without signal loss. Furthermore, this eliminates the need for video sources to be located in every room and makes the TV wall aesthetically pleasing. Audio Down- mixing and advanced video processing enable Savant IP Video and Audio distribution solutions to deliver any video and/or audio source to any room.

Our audio distribution systems provides beautiful stereo sound throughout the home with best in class products carefully matched to each room or listening area based on acoustic and aesthetic requirements. The Savant IP Audio product line is a decentralized, massively scalable audio distribution solution. Utilizing AVB, a plug and play networking protocol, Savant IP Audio systems distribute and synchronize high resolution audio anywhere in the home. Simply plug any Savant IP Audio module into an AVB Ethernet switch to add audio to any room.

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